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What are Vipperloids?


The three main Vipperloids, Teto, Ruko and Ritsu.

Vipperloids are a group of three main Utaus, all three quite famous. Kasane Teto is one, so is Yokune Ruko and Namine Ritsu. Quite a lot of other people have made Utaus that are classed as Vipperloids, but it would take a while to list them all. They are classed as Vipperloids, mainly because they usually are made by 'trolls.' The storys they have are interesting, but, of course I can only tell you the three main stories and what makes them 'trolls' because I don't want to spend all day writing this one article.

Kasane Teto/Teto Kasane

Teto or Kasane, depending what you would call her, has had a hard way to fame, she was ma

The 1st Utau, Kasane Teto, a Vipperloid

de as an April Fool's joke, making her a Boucaloid, basically meaning that she is a fake Vocaloid. She is a Chimera, making her have wings and a tail, but in some pictures, her tail just looks like a belt, organised to look like a tail. Her age is 31, but visually she looks 15. Back to the story, her fake vocaloid voice, was just made of male voices put together cleverly to sound like a new Vocaloid, for more detailed information, watch her song Fake Diva on Youtube or Nico Nico Douga, the song goes through her sad story.


Yokune Ruko/Ruko Yokune

Yokune Ruko

Yokune Ruko, a Vipperloid with two eye colours.

Ruko's name means greedy sound. She is 90% male and 10% female according to her profile, but most fans visually think of her as female. 12 is her official age, however once again visually fans think of her as 19, I personally think 16. Apparently she acts like a cat, I think that is wierd personally. Her story is unknown, so I can only tell you troll information really. But still, Yokune Ruko's voice bank has gotten quite famous. MMD models have even been made of her.

Ritsu Namine/Namine Ritsu

I find Ritsu's character information to be the most troll like, and wierd.
Ritsu Namine

Namine Ritsu, a Vipperloid 6 year old boy that ways 25 tons crossdressing as a girl.

] He, is a crossdresser with missiles in his chest for a bust, and is six years old. He ways 25 tons and dislikes Japan. That is all I can say about this Utau, however, even though his information is wierd, his voice bank is nice. He sounds amazing it is a shame really.

Any questions?

Any questions need to be posted on to my talk page. Don't be frightened! I don't bite, honest!

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