Hey there!Edit

Your probably thinking, but there are so many Utau Wikias out there! There are, but this is about groups. Meaning basically if you were to create several Utaus, and then put them in a group, for expample, Vipperloids like Kasane Teto. Any new ideas like that, then post your Utau groups! You can edit, as long as it is a good edit, not something like erasing somebody's hard work. So please! Create anything you want!

What is the point?Edit

There is no point really, it is just fun to feel as if your Utau is a part of something. You can add your Utaus to certain groups, even if you are not the owner of them. But, ALWAYS ask permission first, OK?

Your editsEdit

A page for Groups has been made, making it easier to find certain groups. A page for Vipperloids has been added, enjoy reading about the Vipperloids!

Where to post your groupsEdit

This is where your groups need to be posted to be noticed in the 'Your edits' section of the home page. Here